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CRO830 15.5 inches 4mm round matte grain stone beads
CRO830 15.5 inches 4mm round matte grain stone beads
 $1.92  $1.73  10% off 
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Wholesale Stripe Jasper Beads
We can help to drill bigger hole for 8mm or above beads(exclude fragile and flat shape beads), the extra drilled hole can be 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm or even bigger. The cost will be $0.65 to $2.0 per string according to hole size and qty. Lead time about 2-20 days according to qty and cost amount. Pls contact us directly if any need.

In addition, we offer beads matting service(exclude fragile beads), with MOQ of 5pcs, some beads have to 10pcs or more. Less than 50 strings: $0.15 per string; More than 50 strings: Free. Pls contact us directly if any need!

And any special request on size or SPEC, please just contact us!
There are currently no products in this range.
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CAA4166 15.5 inches 10*30mm rice line agate beads wholesale
CAA4166 15.5 inches 10*30mm rice line agate beads wholesale
 $13.50  $12.15  10% off 
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CTD3722 Top drilled 8*20mm - 10*50mm sticks light amethyst beads
CTD3722 Top drilled 8*20mm - 10*50mm sticks light amethyst beads
 $7.36  $6.62  10% off 
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